Questions commonly asked us when building and remodeling

Common questions we encounter

What is the average length of time, start to finish, for a new home?

Most homes take 180 days to build. The time varies based on the size and complexity.

Does Smith Homes help clients find a lender for their project?

Smith Homes maintains relationships with a number of trusted lenders and stays current with their programs. We are able to advise clients through the loan process.

What is the average cost per square foot?

The price per square foot varies based on the style of home and amenities. During our first meeting with you, we usually develop a budget based on your specifications.

Should we choose a building site before meeting with Smith Homes?

We generally develop plans based on the lot size and local zoning requirements. We build on your property or we have a selection of available lots in the local area.

Can you help us find a lot?

We can help you find a lot as a service to all of our clients who build with us.

Is there a charge for an estimate?

There is no charge for the first initial estimate.

Do you work around client’s everyday schedule and/or provide secure access to our job for workers?

We will work around our client’s busy schedules while providing secure access to your home during construction. Our employees respect your home and the needs of the occupants.

Can you provide references of past clients?

Reference letters and testimonials are available on request. Also, read a few words online from our satisfied clients.

Do you allow homeowners to perform their own work?

We do allow clients to perform specific work on an individual basis. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs.

Can we start building our new home before our existing home is sold?

You can start construction while staying in your present home until it sells. We also assist clients with escrow or bridge loans for interim financing.

Can you help us get our existing home ready to sell?

We can provide estimates to prepare you home for sale and complete the work quickly. We have extensive experience working with well established techniques to maximize your existing home’s value.

Can you provide clients with realtor referrals?

We can advise clients from a list of reputable licensed realtors.

Should we sell our existing home before starting a new build?

The risk level is different for each client and the location of an existing home. We have seen a greater number of clients start their new home to avoid the possibility of needing temporary housing.

Where are you on your project?

Smith Homes is dedicated to our clients’ 100% satisfaction.

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